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Jefa de tu Vida Book

Jefa de tu Vida Book


The feeling that you go through life at half throttle or that others decide for you is OVER. No more looking at your neighbor's lawn; I'm going to teach you how to take care of yours and make yours THE NICEST.


This is not a book about entrepreneurship, but about living, because the most important business is your own life, in all its facets. We will travel together through the different parts that make up your life: Your emotions, your work, your economy, your environment, your spaces, your world, and you will discover what are those areas that are not so good, and what you can do to improve them, because, yes, is in your hands. Inside you there is a boss who is dying to get out.


Of course, the book is full of paper therapy exercises. Warm up your wrist because you are also going to write a lot! You will keep all the answers you are looking for inside of you and the "Boss of your life" (Jefa de tu Vida) will help you connect with them.



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